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Test topic
« on: December 21, 2018, 10:51:55 AM »


Preventing species from going extinct in the face of so many threats isn't easy. It means that everyone, from common citizens, to Kingdom's corporations, have to commit to the same set of actions when a species is in danger of disappearing forever. The greatest tools we have in the fight to prevent extinction are the local, county, and kingdom laws that protect imperiled species.


Our planet's incredible array of wildlife occupies an equally diverse variety of habitats, from the frozen tundra to the sizzling desert. When these habitats are threatened, so too are the plants and animals that call these places home. Today, we live in an age where wildlife habitat is experiencing more pressure from humans than ever before.

Agriculture, industrial development and urban sprawl have destroyed, degraded, and fragmented large swaths of habitat in Elyria, continually forcing wildlife to cope with less space, fewer resources and increased interaction of man. If not kept in check, climate change may also wreak havoc with habitats around the world. Some, like the Arctic coastal lands, may thaw and sea ice may simply disappear. Other habitat types are shifting, affecting migration patterns and altering where wildlife can find food, shelter, and potential mates. Climate change may also warm waters and contributing to sea level rise and excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing ocean acidification and changing ocean habitats. carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing ocean acidification and changing ocean habitats.


Who do we need?

For decades, Game Wardens have played a leading role in helping shape smart policies to conserve wildlife and habitats on public lands and waters. A large portion of our habitat work focuses on our national forests, national monuments, and other public lands and waters, as these areas represent some of the last, best places for wildlife to thrive. But we also work extensively on private lands, working in partnership with private landowners and state and tribal agencies to encourage people to protect and restore key habitats on private, tribal and county lands.

Game wardens serve in a major law enforcement capacity and have full law enforcement powers to enforce laws and arrest violators within Balmore's borders.
For the most part candidates applying to be a game warden do not required prior work experience, although an affinity with nature is required.
We need People who are willing to patrol the County and put their lives on the line to protect the natural heritage we call Balmore.
1: Game wardens must never be afraid to protect Balmore against poachers. Some affinity with the martial arts would be nice, though a game warden never engages hostilities alone. Always keep the upper hand, or retreat and ask for reinforcements.
2: Every game warden has to patrol a part of the county and make notes if necessary.

Applicants should contact Ilyria, Comtesse d'Balmore🎄🌟☃❄ (Ilyria#0043)

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Re: Test topic
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#County - Duchy - Duchy of Anor Kingdom - Demalion Empire Server - Selene (EU)

The County of Balmore is actively recruiting. Whether you are pledged aristocracy, settler, trader or adventurer you are welcome to join our County in the Duchy of Anor. Be sure to click the link at the bottom of the page to join our Discord channel as this is our main form of communication. The County of Balmore is seeking mature players who would be interested in creating an immersive environment for gameplay.  If you are a fan of settings such as Arthurian legend, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, or Elder Scrolls due to their richness and depth then this is the Duchy for you. The Sun never sets on Anor! As a integral member of the Duchy of Anor, we embrace a multi-cultural society, where all are welcome to live freely under the protection of the realm. The Duchy is primarily a protected role play Duchy although role play is not a necessity. We currently have players from multiple nationalities from across the globe. We have many organizations located within our county such as the Anorian Guard, Masonic Order, Anorian Guilds of Industry, Anorian Agricultural Society and the Virtori faith to name a few. Link on our website, forum post or discord link to find out more.

Thread: https://chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/topic/22360/eudemalionduchy-of-anor



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